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Billionaire inspire Mascara



Multi-functional: lengthening and volumizing mascara.

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Mascara Waterproof. Nee

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- D-panthenol: also known as vitamin B5, regenerates, strengthens and nourishes eyelashes.
- Wheat proteins – rich in amino acids – nourishes, fortifies and conditions hair and eyelashes, contains also trace amounts of plant proteins.
- Natural waxes: beeswax, Carnauba – for greater consistency and nourished eyelashes. Greater
- Keratin (proteins) – makes your eyelashes appear smooth and supple and additionally has a moisturizing effect.
- Rich mixture of polymers which help to volumize eyelashes.

3x more intense black and greater eyelash volume.
- Ultra-long eyelashes with perfect separation
- Adds elasticity and durability.
- Volumized eyelashes coated with pigments.