HD Multicolor Balls


HEAN Pearly Powder Balls give the face a glorious glow and sculpt its contours.

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10 Plus 1 in Winkelwagen

€ 15,00 incl. BTW

  • 102 Bronzing
  • 101 Brightening


Poeders: Werking Lichte glans
Poeders: Soort Bronzing + foundation, Highlighting
Poeders: Type Losse bolletjes

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The high quality formula, enriched with Shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E, nurtures the skin. 

The bronzing pearls give a sun-kissed effect and sculpt the facial contours, while the pink or gold pearls emphasise the cheekbones and add a beautiful luminosity to the make up.

Use on the face, shoulder and décolletage for a true, stardust effect.